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    Episodes 1-3 reviews

    December 3, 2016 by Steven Bomb 17

    I'll be reviewing the first three episodes that I've seen.

    Episode 1-Power Outage

    First off, the opening theme was pretty great, it reminded me of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited in a way but if was sure to make itself distinct (+2) Right off the bat we've got a smart use of Parasite who is draining cockroaches to get back his strength (+1) Wonder Woman comes to help Superman with the fight, after they win a meteor seems to kill Parasite, Superman rightfully feels sorry for him as this was a living being who died (+1) but Wonder Woman didn't feel bad. Ordinarily I'd give this a harsh deduction as this would be out of character but I think this version of Wonder Woman is new to being a hero and does seem younger so instead of four…

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  • Steven Bomb 17


    September 29, 2016 by Steven Bomb 17

    I'm Steven Bomb 17, I was a big fan of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited so I hope this show lives up to expectations although when I watch the first episode I better make sure to take off the rose colored lenses

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