Under a Red Sun is the tenth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall tenth episode of the series.

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After a brief team up with Batman and Big Barda in their battle against the Parademons, Superman is transported to a planet orbiting a red sun by Steppenwolf. Now with his powers slowly depleting, Superman must defeat Steppenwolf and get back to Earth. As this is happening, Batman and Big Barda head to Darkseid's fortress on Apokolips in order to find information on where Superman is transported to.

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Kevin Conroy - Batman

Peter Jessop - Steppenwolf

Jason J. Lewis - Superman

Laura Post - Big Barda

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  • This is Jason J. Lewis's favorite episode.

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Justice League Action Clip - Under A Red Sun feat

Justice League Action Clip - Under A Red Sun feat. Batman, Superman, SteppenWolf, Big Barda-0