"The Fatal Fare" is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall twenty-first episode of the series.

Summary Edit

Space Cabbie inadvertently learns about a great threat to the Justice League when one of his passengers turns out to be Darkseid.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Jonathon Adams - Darkseid

Troy Baker - Hawkman, Kanto

Mark Hamill - Swamp Thing

Gillian Jacobs - Roxy Rocket

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman

Jason J. Lewis - Superman, Desaad

Jerry O'Connell - Atom

Patton Oswalt - Space Cabby

Continuity Edit

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Errors Edit

  • Darkseid's Omega Effect is usually red and never misses it's mark. In episode, his beams didn't bend after the target and were of a different color as apposed to later showings.

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