"Selfie Help" is the eighth Justice League Action short.

Synopsis Edit

Space Cabby lands in the Watchtower, after giving Batman a ride from New Genesis to Earth. and mentioning that the cost is 38,000$, or as an alternative method of payment. one selfie, Batman responds that his wallet is upstairs as the driver takes the picture only to find the Dark Knight has disappeared. which he is saddened, he leaves the car to track him and down. and finds Booster Gold, who Cabby initially confuses for Batman due to his bath-robe. an excited Cabby asks if they can take a selfie together, only for Booster to pull out a can of his own drink. Golden Fizz, to which Cabby asks if he's inserting an advertisement into his selfie in confusion. and after the pictures are taken, Cabby is seen walking through the corridor as he combs through selfies with various superheroes such as Black Canary and Superman when he suddenly hears a loud boom from the door near him, unable to stifle his curiosity. Cabby enters the room to discover Wonder Woman in a practice match with Parademons holograms, a specific Parademon wraps his whip around Diana's ankle to spin her around as another one knocks her down to the ground, Cabby calls out to Wonder Woman so he can alert her. but actually ends up distracting her which lets a Parademon sucker-punch her and alerts two Parademons to his own presence, though he blinds them with the flash from his front-facing camera. while busy fighting, Diana ends up bound and gagged by a Parademon wielding a black-slime shooting cannon. so Cabby takes care of the Parademons while she releases her arms, before knocking out the one who led to her predicament in the first place. landing, Diana tears off her gag. ends the simulation and thanks the intergalactic cab driver for rescuing her, though he responds that he actually only wanted a selfie. saddening the princess of Themyscira, as Batman returns with money to pay him for his ride.

Cast Edit

Diedrich Bader - Booster Gold

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman

Patton Oswalt - Space Cabby

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