"Mxy's Mix-Up" is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall twenty-ninth episode of the series.

Summary Edit

As the Justice League tries to protect the United Nations from Grodd's gorilla army, Mr. Mxyptlk pops up from the fifth dimension and thinks it would be great fun to put each of the superheroes' brains into another hero's body.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

P. J. Byrne - Firestorm

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Gilbert Gottfried - Mr. Mxyzptlk

Natalie Lander - Stargirl

Jason J. Lewis - Superman

David Solobov - Gorilla Grodd

Stephen Tobolowsky - Martin Stein

Continuity Edit

  • This episode takes place before Field Trip and Chemistry since Stargirl did not know who Firestorm was.

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Quotes Edit

Stargirl: That's a lot of gorillas.
Batman: Specific, Stargirl. We're evaluating an active threat to the UN.
Stargirl: Oh, great. Okay, there are like thirty to forty gorillas that are attacking the United Nations building with ray guns. Probably minions of that bad gorilla in the JL files I had to read. Gorilla Gropp or something?
Batman: Grodd.

Superman: This is mostly just a ride along, Stargirl. To see first hand how a couple of vets handle a routine situation.
Gorilla Grodd: Routine? The end of human domination on Earth. You call this routine?
Batman: I call it a light morning workout... with no cardio.

Batman: I thought you memorized all the Justice League dossiers i gave you.
Stargirl: I've been cramming like crazy. I learned all about the atomic guy with two personalities and backwards talking lady magician, but when I read this guy's name on the file, I thought it was just a typo.
Mr. Mxyzptlk: Hey, watch it, girly. I'm the funny one here.

Stargirl: (as Superman) Hey, what's up with my man hands?
Superman: (as Batman) Great scott! I'm in Batman's suit.
Batman: (as Stargirl) Not just my suit, Superman. Mxyzptlk has played musical chairs with our minds, but we still have to stop those gorillas no matter what condition we're in.

Superman: (as Batman) Good safety tip, Batman. This body switch doesn't seem to have diminished your effectiveness.
Batman: (as Stargirl) I know. Isn't that great?! I'm so excited about it.
Stargirl: (as Superman) Uh, are you, like, okay, Batman?
Superman: (as Batman) Batman is used to fighting multiple foes, but not with the volatile emotions of a teenage girl.
Batman: (as Stargirl) What's that supposed to mean? Why is everyone staring at me?

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