"Have an "ice" day."
— Mister Freeze in Freezer Burn

Mr. Freeze is a supervillain who can only live in subzero climates and one of Batman's foes.

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Victor Fries was a brilliant cyrogenicist whose Wife was stricken with a fatal disease. To slow the progression of her condition, Victor froze his Wife while he searched for a cure. But when the company funding his research pulled the plug, it triggered an accident that transformed him into the cold-hearted criminal known as Mister Freeze!

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  • Superhuman Genius-Level Intelligence
  • Superhuman Strength: He also grants him Super-Strength.
  • Superhuman Durability

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  • Protective Armoured Suit: Mister Freeze must keep his body temperature below zero, so he wears protective armour. And his is also toxins and
  • Freeze Ray Gun: He also uses a powerful freeze gun, capable of freezing anything in its path.

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