Jonah Hex is a cowboy and ally of the Justice League

History Edit

Hex first appeared in the episode "All Aboard the Space Train." Here he is depicted being frozen in the Rocky Mountains several years ago, only to be found by the Justice League.

When Kanjar Ro high jacked a space train carrying cargo belonging to the league, (including Hex's body) Batman and Cyborg enlisted Space Cabbie's help in order to get it back. At Batman's advice, Cabbie opened up Container 722, which contained Hex. After thawing out the cowboy, the two teamed up to fight the Space Pirates, ultimately leading to the train crashing into a desert planet.

After the dust settled and Batman showed up to pick them up, Jonah opted to remain on the planet in question, rather than be sent back in time.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Marksman: Despite being blind in one eye, Hex is an excellent shot.

Equipment Edit

  • Self-Preservation Belt: One of the gadgets Jonah picked up from the Space Train. This belt acts as a space suit, giving off a yellow glow when active
  • Magnetic Boots: Another gadget Hex took from the Train. They allow Jonah to walk up metal surfaces
  • Energy Pistols: Hex took two energy guns identical to Colt Revolvers as his primary weapon.
  • Alien Mount: After landing on the desert planet, Hex tamed an tyrannosaurus like alien as his horse.

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