"We've searched the city a hundred times, Batman, literally."
— Flash in Galaxy Jest

The Flash is the fastest man alive and a member of the Justice League.


Barry Allen is a forensic Scientist who works on cases that involve murders around Central City. One night, during a partical explosion, Barry was struck by lighting and bathed in chemicals that gave him superhuman speed and connection to the speed force. With these new powers Barry Allen became the fastest man alive and uses his abilities to fight crime as The Flash. He is currently a member of the Justice League. He is the second Flash, next to Jay Garrick.


phasing through matter

super speed

lightning bolt

time travel


speed punch

speed kick

super sonic punch

speed vortex

multiple punch

time remenent


  • Flash is voiced by Charlie Schlatter who had previously voiced him in Superman The Animated Series, The Batman, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem and Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants.

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