"Field Trip" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall.

Synopsis Edit

Superman gives Stargirl, Blue Beetle and Firestorm a tour of the Fortress of Solitude, only for an accident to result in Superman being transported to the Phantom Zone and Zod, Faora and another rogue Kryptonian being freed. The three young heroes must work together to defeat the villains.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Jake T. Austin - Blue Beetle

P. J. Byrne - Ronnie Raymond

Natalie Lander - Stargirl

Jason J. Lewis - Superman, General Zod

Stephen Tobolowsky - Martin Stein

Fryda Wolff - Faora

Continuity Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In odd irony the three superpowered teens v.s. the three criminal Kryptonian's have some odd inconsistencies. Firestorm who controls and generates radiation could've projected red sun radiation instead of transmuting Kryptonite, Blue Beetles adaptive armor can adapt to project K-radiation as a defense against kryptonians and Stargirl's cosmic rod controls stellar energy meaning she could have drained Zod and his acolytes of their yellow sun energy. However, Zod and his Minions can also easily rectify that by absorbing more yellow solar energy.

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