"Nothing will stop Calythos now."
— Calythos in "Power Outage"

Calythos is a djinn that was imprisoned in the Rock of Eternity, but was freed after it fell to the rule of Black Adam for a brief period of time.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Calythos is an ambitious and arrogant Djinn who desires to return the Earth to its primordial state so he and his brothers could rule it once more. He cares not for what happens for humanity, only his goal to rid the Earth of mankind and remake it for him and his fellow Djinn.

Abilities Edit

Power absrbtion

Trivia Edit

  • Calythos seems to be named for the Red Jar of Calythos, one of three magic items associated with the Demons Three in the DC comics universe.
  • A kalathos is a term used for an ancient Greek vase.

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