"I am vengeance. I am the night. I AM BATMAN!"
— Batman in Time Share

Batman AKA Bruce Wayne is the sole protector of Gotham City and founding member of the Justice League.

Background Edit

Bruce Wayne was born to a wealthy family in Gotham City. They lived happy lives until one tragic night at the theatre. Both his parents were shot and killed by a mugger right in front of his eyes. After that, Bruce vowed to avenge his parents and wage a one man war on crime. He spent the rest of his life studying and traveling the world, learning several skills such as martial arts, engineering, detective analysis, etc. He spent a short period of time learning to master illusion from the famous magician Zatara. That's also where he met Zatara's daughter and his future fellow Justice League member Zatanna. Bruce continued his studies until he returned to Gotham where he began his costumed crusade as Batman (choosing bats in order to strike fear into the hearts of criminals), with the help of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Batman's first case was busting the mobster, Carmine Falcone. Throughout his career, he gained many new partners, such as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and even his childhood friend Zatanna. Eventually, he, Superman, and Wonder Woman met and started the Justice League. Although being part of the team, Batman still continues his solo career in Gotham.


Bruce is a tall muscular Caucasian man. Although he's never been shown without his cowl, it is assumed he has black hair (as that's his hair color in almost every form of media). He wheres a black mask with a black cape connected to it. With his cowl on, Bruce always has white eyes. He wheres gray costume covering his whole body, with a large black bat-shaped symbol on his chest. He wheres black gloves, boots, and a black belt.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 8.55.29 PM

Bruce Wayne

Kid Batman

Here's Batman as a 10 year old in Trick or Threat.





Appearances Edit



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